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What is GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation — a new data privacy law that was introduced by the European Union in 2018. While it was enacted by the European Union, it's regulations affect privacy globablly, not just here in Europe.

GDPR Basics

It applies to anyone who processes “personal data” — that’s things like names, email addresses and other types of “personally identifiable information”; The holder of this information (in this case Fit For Earth) is responsible and accountable for its security and the way it is used; GDPR has global reach — It's EU law, but it can apply to anyone, regardless of their location; It doesn’t just apply to traditional businesses — The principles are concerned with what companies do with other people’s data, not who the company is or why they have it;

Fit For Earth Privacy Policy

For full information you can download a copy of the Fit For Earth Privacy Policy here

Terms and Conditions

For full information you can download a copy of the Fit For Earth Terms and Conditions here

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