Actual footage of you during quarantine.

Eat. Don't eat. Work out. Create the most amazing business venture ever and make 5 million in 2 weeks. Never leave your house again and just wear sweatpants. We've all been there.

Example A:

I've have had every single one of these thoughts during lockdown:

  • "You should work out"

  • "You should get your side hustle up and running"

  • "You should eat everything in the cupboard"

  • "Don't bother working out, summer has been C A N C E L L E D"

  • "You shouldn't eat ANYTHING in the cupboard it's all unhealthy, in fact, throw it all out"

Whether you're still in lockdown now, haven't been for a while or somewhere in between here are some thoughts of mine.


We all know that physical activity is good for us. Inside and out; good for our heart health and good for our mental health. Do you need to emerge from quarantine looking like an Instagram model? Definitely not. However, keeping physically active especially in times of heightened stress passes the time and will help you out mentally. I've had several clients mention that working out with me has helped their mental health and has given them something to look forward to during the week. My advice? Stay active.

Need some help? Book a class.


Hands up if you've ever been personally victimised by a tub of ice cream? What's one spoonful, or one bowl or one tub?

Eat well most of the time and when you indulge, it truly feels like a well-deserved treat. Eating whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want is a slippery slope when you can't leave your house. If you gain weight, it's not the end of the world. Just remember that you are what you eat; a well-balanced diet positively affects your mood and your mental health. Combine this with physical activity and it's an amazing defence to help cope with stressful situations that are out of your control. Your body is a temple and you're the only one who lives there so treat it well.

Equally, when you have that slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream or pack of cookies ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST! If you've been working out and you eat mostly healthily, you truly deserve it.

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Listen, Linda. We are at a crossroads; you may never get this kind of time again to build your empire. However, it's not an easy road ahead and if you choose not to pursue your side hustle right now, don't be so hard on yourself. We as a species are dealing with a lot right now. In the span of 6 months, we've had to deal with the climate change burning up Australia, the threat of WWIII, a global pandemic, killer hornets, Chernobyl being on fire and US racial riots. It's ok to just, like, chill right now.

If you do decide to start your side hustle, work smarter, not harder. Create a mission statement, write down your goals in a SMART format and make a strategy. If you want to create your dream but have no idea where to start, it's very easy to quit. Make a plan, make some measurable goals and work towards it; build it and they will come.

Check out this SMART GOALS guide


This has to be BY FAR the most important advice I can ever give you, lockdown or no lockdown. Most of us are self ware which can be a good thing. Yet we take that self-awareness to the next level and become our harshest critic. When you speak horrible things to yourself, that internal dialogue can have damaging consequences for your mental health and your self-esteem.

You wouldn't talk someone else's child the way you criticise yourself. You wouldn't speak to your friends the way you speak to yourself or you wouldn't have any. Feedback is a gift but remember to love yourself in a healthy way. To be clear, there is a big difference between healthy forms of self-care and "treat yo'self" which has turned a positive intention into an excuse for potentially self-destructive behaviour.


Ok, that was a lot of words. Let's summarise:

  • Work out for your mental health and to keep you sane. But don't pressure yourself into unrealistic "QUARANTINE GLOW UP" expectations.

  • Keep your healthy habits and enjoy your Ben and Jerry's. Yes, you CAN do both!

  • Flex those sweatpants around the house from time to time.

  • If you're not mentally ready to get your side hustle off the ground, that's ok. If you are, make a strategy, make some goals and milestones so you see success instead of running in circles. Just think about which path you'll regret more and make a decision and plan from there.

  • Treat yourself the same way you'd treat your friends. There's only one you so be kind.

Loved the video? Check out more here by the talented Romy Palan

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