Do you know your carbon footprint?

We are a species on the brink. With carbon and methane emissions growing faster than previously anticipated, we can no longer look to our governments to fix the problem for us.

The problem seems insurmountable, with so many things to do and companies to boycott, it can seem overwhelming and fruitless. Take a step back and look at things you can add to your daily routine. Small changes make a big difference over time.

Main CO2 emitters 2017 total and per capita (exported emissions added for Australia in light blue). Values in the left panel correspond to GtCO2 and values in the right panel are expressed as tCO2 per capita - find out more here.

Leave no (carbon) footprints

Leaving behind a lot of carbon is easily done even at a small scale. Foot wastage, fast fashion, poor recycling habits can heavy meat consumption all lead to C02 emissions. Despite a low percentage globally, on an individual basis, Australians emit the most C02 per capita. Never underestimate the contribution of the individual. Ways you can lower your carbon footprint include:

  • Go meat free (methane traps 3x the heat of CO2)

  • Stop shopping at fast fashion stores

  • Plan more meals ahead to ensure you buy the correct amount of food - less wastage!

  • Recycle soft plastics if your country has the capacity to

Carbon calculator

So you want to reduce your carbon footprint - but how do you even find out what it is?! Shop around for a carbon footprint calculator (we'll be doing a review soon, stay tuned!) that you find easy to understand.

We use the WWF calculator as a good starting point. Try to be as accurate as you can but remember not to feel too bad if your results are not as great as you would have liked. We're all less ecofriendly than we think we are and there's always room to grow. It's the launch pad for great conversations with friends and family on how you can all start to reduce your footprint. It can only get better from here!

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