I tried the FitOn app for a week

Updated: May 20, 2020

Even before the world stood still due to COVID-19, fitness apps had started to become increasingly popular. There's something almost too good to be true about getting shredded for Ibiza in the comfort of your own living room. Then lockdown hit and it left people with no choice but to either sit on the couch or work out. There was no escaping the incessant torrent of fit app marketing.

I'm here to give a review of yet ANOTHER fitness app, the enticement being that it's completely free. You've got to love a freebie, but of course just how free is it?


Once you download the app and set your preferences (usually weight loss let's be honest - you're not going to build a load of muscle at home with no proper lifting equipment lol sorry x) it gives you 5 recommended workouts for the week. These workouts change from week to week so there's never a boring moment.

Your weekly workout schedule is also completely customizable so you can add, remove or repeat workouts depending on your tastes which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes you vibe with a workout and sometimes you don't.

We live in a celebrity culture and the fact that you have celebrities and famous YouTubers like Blogilates (Cassey Ho) gave the app more authority. Like how is this free?

I liked the fact that the workouts were so varied - not everyone wants to get shredded. There's HIIT (of course), weights, Barre (Ballet yoga/HIIT/pilates), actual yoga and meditation...there really is something for everyone.

Lastly, while there is a LOT of pink (some people are bothered by that and some people aren't) the UX itself is very well designed. I like it when my apps are easy to use and I don't need a 500-page onboarding to figure out how to try and use it. You know why? Because when an app is super difficult to navigate it wasn't made with you as the customer in mind and you bet your bottom dollar that app is getting deleted. FOR REAL.


There's not much I didn't like to be honest. There's a couple of small things but it's not enough to say don't download the app.

You can't connect the heart monitor unless you pay for premium - that's fine. However, I don't think it should be included as part of the app design then. It's just in the way.

Also, they have an arbitrary calorie meter which is completely obsolete because you don't have your heart monitor hooked up in the free version, and people burn calories at different rates. At the end of the workout, it says how many calories you burned, but it's the same number every time you do that same workout.

I didn't like the background music either. Obviously that's an easy fix - just turn the app down and put on your own playlist.


Dude - it's F R E E

After trying it for a week I fell in love with it and even more importantly I actually looked forward to what I was going to be doing next. These are amazing workouts in a conveniently scheduled app that is F.R.E.E.


If you decide to pay for the premium it's actually super cheap as far as fitness apps go. It's $32.99 billed yearly (at once) which equates to $2.75 a month. Considering I was paying pretty much double that PER WEEK with the Kayla app I think this is an absolute bargain.

To note: There isn't much on nutrition but they do have meal ideas. I'm always hesitant on fitness app nutrition but the meals look good. Just make sure if you're working out 5 days a week that you're eating enough.

This app is available to download on both the App Store and Google Play. Have some fun and feel the burn for free!

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