I had a problem. And I needed to find a solution.

The problem was, the problem was big. Too big almost. How was I going to educate the entire planet?

It was late 2019 and I had just finished a sustainability workshop about the Good Life Goals and I was super frustrated.

The United Nations has a purpose, but I find them really ineffective at dealing with our world's crises. The Good Life Goals workshop was all well and good, but apart from making people feel warm and fuzzy, there wasn't much that was going to convince people to take these goals on. There were no actions that drove people in the right direction. There were no links, there was no guidance. Just vague advice like "treat people with respect".

I was already trying to lead a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle and that's when it dawned on me. If I'm struggling with this, most likely other people are struggling too. What if I could combine my love of fitness, plant-based nutrition AND environmental sustainability.

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So I had the "idea" of Fit For Earth but now I needed to put into practice. The reason why most people it unhealthily, buy cheap clothing like stuff from H&M and Primark or don't work out is because it's either too difficult, there's too much conflicting information out there (like seriously, how many different articles have you seen on how to get a 6-pack!?!?) or it's just too damn expensive.

You want a personal trainer? No problem, that's 100 bucks a session. You want to eat healthily? Well, I ran today so I can eat whatever I want - hello 12 pack of doughnuts!!! There's no incentive to change when the norm is just easier. I had already been coaching a lot of people and friends and I thought, how can I make this more accessible for everyone? I decided to team up with Kilo Fit to be able to do just that.

I had to learn literally everything through trial and error and wanted to help people to avoid diet, nutrition and lifestyle mistakes I'd previously made. I understand my methods may be a little bit unorthodox - I'm not going to send you on a crash diet just for quick weight-loss and I'm always going to advocate plant-based eating. But if you stick with me, you'll make incredible, sustainable life choices. There won't be any going back.

Are you ready? Coz I am!

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