No time? No worries! The early morning calorie smash

No time? No equipment? No problem. You can smash out this work out before you even hop in the shower.

High intensity interval training or HIIT are great work outs for smashing calories, improving heart health and increasing your overall mental wellbeing. You can swap out some of these exercises if you have issues with joints or you're not at capacity to do every single style of rep. The point of these exercises is to get moving in the morning, get your blood flowing and pump some endorphins to set you up for the day. Best of all, there's no equipment needed!

The workout

50 second plank

40 second wall sit

30 squats

20 lunges

10 push ups

5 Russian twists

Beginner - Repeat 3 times

Intermediate - Repeat 5 times

Advanced - Repeat 8 times

Get your heart pumping and start your day the right way!

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