The Good Life Goals for a Good Life

Learn about how the small changes you adopt, will make a big difference over time.

First thing's first, what are the Good Life Goals? To understand where we're going, we need to understand where we've been.

In 2000, the Millenium Goals were a set of 8 goals developed by the United Nations (UN) to help developing nations (read: mostly the third world). It was a set of goals aimed at helping these nations eradicate poverty, develop sustainable industry and infrastructure, promote gender equality and equal access to education and finally, lower emissions to help curb climate change.

The UN took these goals and revamped them in 2015, creating the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs); 17 goals to promote peace, fair wages for all, sustainable energy and infrastructure, equal access to education and gender equality, the eradication of global poverty and the end of climate change. The difference was, the goals were meant to be reached by every nation as opposed to just developing ones. As part of the Paris Accord, all representative nations agreed to lower their carbon emissions to net zero and complete all goals by 2030, using the SDGs to get there. Like many things related to the UN, five years later and these nations haven't had much success - either in lowering carbon emissions or reaching the targets of each goal.

That's where the Good Life Goals come in. In 2018, the UN used the SDGs as a springboard to help individual companies, councils and citizens on the micro-level promote change and make a difference. With the private sector on board, the hope is that nations signed to the Paris Accord will more likely to be able to reach the targets set by the SDGs. Some nations can't and some nations won't, and this is where the Good Life Goals are to have their impact truly felt. Each of the 17 goals has 5 micro targets to adopt and maintain for a more sustainable and brighter future for every living and breathing thing on this planet.

There are 17 goals and that's a lot to unpack. Instead, Fit For Earth will look at each goal individually over the next several weeks to learn:

  • What each Good Life Goal means

  • What are the micro targets that make up the goal

  • What individual changes can I make

There's an overwhelming sense of feeling the need to change the world but not having a clue on where or how to start. The problem seems too big to fix and completely out of your control. I'm here to tell you that with seven billion people on this planet, small changes from each of us can make a massive impact. I'm so happy to share this series with you because I feel that with the Good Life Goals, these are small and easy changes that are maintainable and achievable.

Watch this space and change the world x

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