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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Ever had a training goal and no matter how much you trained or thought you should be eating it just didn't make a difference?

The below advice is not set in stone as we are all beautifully unique. However, understanding some basic traits about your build and metabolism can allow you to create a diet and training regime more suited to your body type and ultimately help you reach your end fitness goals quicker. Work smarter not harder!

The Ectomorph

The ectomorph has the taller, slender/slim lean muscle build that so many of us envy from what we've seen on the modern catwalk. The ectomorph is very lucky in the sense that they don't have to do much to maintain a naturally thin physique and they find it difficult to put on weight. However, they equally find it difficult to build up muscle. I've had many ectomorph friends slightly jealous of my ability to quickly put on muscle where they would maintain their current physique no matter how much they eat (the grass is always greener)!


  • You have a delicate/smaller frame

  • You find it difficult to put on weight/muscle

  • You have small shoulders and/or a small chest

  • You are naturally thin with lean muscle mass

  • You have a turbo metabolism

Working out

  • Work outs should be short but intense - stay away from marathon length work outs as you are naturally a high calorie burner

  • Focus on building muscle - ensure you incorporate a lot of weight training into your workouts

  • Limit the cardio to a maximum of two sessions a week (don't go over 30min)

  • Have a decent feed before bed to avoid muscle catabolism

  • Avoid fasted cardio

Celebrity ectomorphs

Keira Knightley, Thandie Newton and Kate Moss

The Mesomorph

Easy to gain, easy to lose! The mesomorph is the naturally athletic and medium build body type. We have a naturally muscular physique but that doesn't mean we don't have to put some work in if we want to maintain. Unlike our ectomorph sisters, we put on fat almost as easily as we lose it. But with a little bit of hard work and dedication, we'll be back to our toned athletic selves in no time. A lot of mesomorphs can be carb sensitive so take note when putting together a balanced diet. Carbs are friends, but don't over do it.


  • You have an athletic build

  • You have natural muscle definition

  • Your shoulders and hips are usually the same width

  • You tend to lose fat evenly

  • You have a decent metabolism

Working out

  • Put together a training regime that combines both cardio and weight training

  • Fasted cardio will help with with fat loss

  • Ensure you are eating enough protein to support your weight lifting days

  • When lifting, lift heavy not your heaviest - heavy weights that should have you at capacity after about 10-15 reps. Lose the 2kg dumbbells!

Celebrity mesomorphs

Hallie Berry, Jessica Biel and Gigi Hadid

The Endomorph

The feminine form that comic book dreams are made of! Endomorphs have a softer and more solid body type than the others. Unfortunately, endomorphs find it easy to put on weight but have a difficult time losing it. They generally are on the shorter side with thicker arms and legs, tending to be more quad dominant. They can also be carb sensitive so when putting together a meal plan, keep the carbs on the lower side. Whilst it may be more difficult for the endomorph to lose fat, they can build muscle too!


  • You have a softer / round body

  • You have a shorter / stocky build

  • You have a slower metabolism and have to watch what you eat

  • You can easily put on muscle

  • You often have the classical hourglass figure

Working out

  • Incorporate lots of cardio to keep you in a calorie deficit (for fat loss)

  • Add a few weight training sessions (not too many as we don't want to bulk too much)

  • Supplements shouldn't be needed if you have a good amount of protein in your diet

  • Do not rely on diet alone - diet and workouts are needed in conjunction to achieve optimal results

  • For a boost incorporate fasted cardio

Celebrity endomorphs

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez


As previously mentioned, these types are not set in stone but are meant to give you a general guide to get a better head start. You might also find that you may be a combination of two. The most common combinations are the ectomorph/mesomorph and the mesomorph/endomorph. If you're not sure, experiment with your diet and your training and tweak accordingly. It may be trial and error, but it's a process - learn to enjoy your fitness journey!


No one body type is better than the other. All three have qualities that might drive that individual nuts from time to time, yet equally all three have qualities that are truly beautiful. Rather than forcing yourself to fit into the body type of someone you admire, train smart and get into shape to be the best you. No one wears you like you do ♀️✌️😘

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