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I've always been passionate about health and fitness. Sometimes to my detriment (read about it here). The issue is, I work and work and work until I burn myself out. I created a website to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and I selfishly didn't realise how much work and effort goes into not only creating the framework but maintaining it afterwards.

Then we have to take into account a global pandemic. I moved from Sydney to London and within 2 months of being here, everything fell apart:

  • My partner lost his job

  • I lost my job

  • We had to give up London and move to greater Manchester

  • We then had to move back down to London after we had gotten settled up North

  • The job hunt has proven to be particularly difficult

  • A friend in Sydney tragically passed away and it's been a reminder of how far away I am to comfort my close friends after this loss.

  • I didn't feel good enough or authoritative enough to continue this endeavour

  • "Failure" kicked in and it's been hard to get back up

  • Oh yeah and I'm suffering from hectic depression right now

In some respects, this has been an awful year for me. In other respects, I've had a lot of opportunities to pursue and there are people out there who have been hit so much harder by this year and/or life than I have. It's all about perspective. Yes, this is objectively not cool but also, it could be a lot worse so be grateful.

I'm hoping to get properly back on this horse and deliver great content worth reading with a different perspective of doing so. Thanks for sticking with me. And if you've just joined the party, welcome to the circus!

Stay tuned for more fitness, nutrition and sustainability content. One body, one planet, one love x

xoxo Fit For Earth

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