Why I started Fit For Earth.

We've only got one body and one planet and I'm here to show you how and why you should love each one.

TRIGGER WARNING: I mention disordered eating, body dysmorphia and anorexia. If any of these topics are triggering to you, please proceed with caution.

That's me, living my best life in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2018. Not cured, but happy :)

Let's start from the beginning. I was born and raised for a short time in the United States. My dad being fearful of the unhealthy lifestyle of his family, was a fitness fanatic. He'd work out for two hours a day, he'd cycle to and from work during summer and he ate super clean around me. I grew up playing tennis from sun up to sundown on the weekends, soccer during the summer seasons, swimming, ballet on Saturdays and I was on the ice rink all winter. I was a super active kid. In combination with being super active, my dad showed me how to eat super healthily. My "junk food" was fruit. "Nature's candy" he called it. Because I grew up in this kind of environment, living a healthy lifestyle was like breathing. It just came to me so naturally! I look back on it now and realise it was probably a bit too extreme but I'm thankful for the healthy foundation it created.

Throughout my childhood and my teen years, I always had a healthy relationship with my body. I knew that I needed to work out or be active and eat well to stay healthy and do well in school. It wasn't until I was at uni and I ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship that I started experiencing body dysmorphia and disordered eating. On the logical side, I knew there was nothing

wrong with me. I ate as well as I could on a uni budget, and I knew that my body needed food in order to function. Yet, because of the emotional abuse I was experiencing at home, that's all I could hear. So I threw out everything I knew, everything I grew up with out the window and started over-exercising and under-eating. I'd then "wake up" to these bad habits and try and snap out of them, accepting my body for what it was, try to listen to the positive feedback of my friends and just "love myself". Yeah, because it's just that easy right? I was getting smaller and smaller and I was SO. UNHEALTHY. but all I could hear in my head was the disgusting things my ex would say to me. This was a feedback loop from hell that would come to dominate the majority of 20s.

Me in 2012 - I was a size 6 AU and thought I was massive. I continually punished myself with food.

At uni, I studied peace and security studies as my major of an International Politics degree. It showed how climate change impacted foreign and domestic conflict. It also discussed how climate change was impacting our current means of food production. It ALSO taught how food production and food security was linked with foreign and domestic conflict. Everything was linked in a big circle of life (or should I say chaos). Basically, how we we treat our environment (plastic, pollution, waste) will impact our means of producing food (think forest fires, famines and floods). In tandem, our food production impacts our environment and the poverty rates of billions around the world. It's what caused me to go plant-based. What you read cannot be unread and I was horrified to learn what my modern over consumerist meat-based lifestyle was doing to the environment and how it was impacting people a thousand miles away from me. Someone who I'd never meet or know, would suffer because of the food I ate and the clothes I wore.

In my late 20s I finally said enough. I wanted my life back. I wanted to be able to go out to a meal with friends and not be calculating the calories of every meal on the menu before making a decision. I wanted to be able to eat food and actually ENJOY it. I wanted to be able to go for a 30-minute run and ENJOY the after effect, not just write down the calories and push my self to exhaustion because I hadn't burned enough. This behaviour is dangerous and damaging to your physical, mental and emotional health. As a result, I started studying nutrition. I started studying what my body wanted need in terms of physical activity and nutrition. It's helped me and my view of food and exercise so much. Work out and eat healthy because you love your body, not to punish it.

This is how the idea of Fit For Earth was born. I wanted to teach people how to nourish their bodies with food and exercise just like I had done, through a plant-based and minimalist lifestyle because that was what was going to help save the planet. Going plant-based has been proven time and time again to be one of the best solutions to climate change. And of course, minimalism is the antithesis to consumerism. Consumerism and plastic waste are killing us and everything else on this planet. Thus, my "I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS NOW!!!" kicked into overdrive. And here we are. Fit For Earth stands for:

  • Teaching people how to exercise properly

  • Teaching people how to eat properly

  • Teaching people how their eating habits impact the environment

  • Teaching people how to stay healthy and live a fantastic active life that is also environmentally sustainable

By no means am I some eastern "guru" who's discovered the meaning of life and no longer has any earthly possessions. I'm learning too! But what I do know, I want to teach others so they can start making some amazing changes. They say that it's too late, that if everyone did everything we needed to do to stop climate change, we still can't stop it; that we're facing the biggest existential crisis of our time. They say that but I couldn't disagree more. One person shouting goes unnoticed. A crowd shouting together is deafening. We vote with our dollar and where we spend it. Spend it wisely and help change the world.

In the meantime, stick around, learn, book a session with me and download some free stuff. One body, one planet, one love ❤️🌍

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