From the moment I contacted Mia Sarah everything has felt really personal to me. From taking into account my fitness levels & building me up from there, to making me a personalised nutrition plan that takes into consideration all my likes & dislikes.

I’ve tried a huge variety of exercise routes/classes but I have never had the motivation to stick to them but since I’ve been working with Mia I no longer see exercise as a burden & I wake up buzzing for my sessions (something I thought I would never say). Also having a toddler at home with me means I don’t get much free time but Mia has been so flexible & we’ve even used him as extra weight at times.

My goal was to do something about the mum tum & get stronger. It’s been 5/6 weeks & I am already seeing visible results feeling happier, more confident & stronger than ever. With Mia Sarah's positive attitude, encouragement & motivation I’ve also realised how much I needed this for my mental health, my energy levels have increased & I’ve been in much better moods at home.

I've learnt a lot from Mia Sarah, in fact, I feel I learn something new every time I speak to her, from understanding macros, new recipes & how I can make more ethical choices. Who knew you could buy activewear made from recyclable bottles??? HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Mia Sarah, she is so much more than an amazing PT & nutritionist she is an all-round amazing human being & I'm so glad I have found her.


I was so unhealthy, tired and unmotivated. I tried 8 billion diets and exercise regimes and most I couldn't stick with, the ones I did manage to stick with didn't give me any results. It was so frustrating and exhausting UNTIL I started Fit For Earth.


There are a few things that are different with this. First off, its totally personalised to ME and my goals, my body type, my lifestyle. Secondly, it's UNDERSTANDABLE, I don't have to question what I'm eating, because now I understand how to fuel my body properly. Thirdly, the meal plans and workouts are really easy to use and follow. I can change meals without screwing my whole week up. It's so user friendly, I love it. I am FINALLY losing weight.


I had just come home from 6 months studying abroad and needed to get back in shape. I lost some of my hard earned muscle definition and needed to get it back quickly. I found Fit For Earth and I haven’t looked back since.


I wish I found Mia Sarah sooner. She’s super knowledgeable, honest and approachable and gave me the bare bones methods to get where I needed to be. No fancy supplements, no crazy diets or add-ons, just real and simple advice.

It’s not a quick fix and I get that, but I’d rather do it properly than waste time with quick fixes that hurt me in the long run and waste my time. If you haven’t done so yet, sign up like NOW! This woman will get you RESULTS! Also, it's super affordable. Worth every penny.


Image by Luke Chesser

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