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    • Where I've been and why

      Jump on board the hot mess express! I've always been passionate about health and fitness. Sometimes to my detriment (read about it here). The issue is, I work and work and work until I burn myself out. I created a website to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and I selfishly didn't realise how much work and effort goes into not only creating the framework but maintaining it afterwards. Then we have to take into account a global pandemic. I moved from Sydney to London and within 2 months of being here, everything fell apart: My partner lost his job I lost my job We had to give up London and move to greater Manchester We then had to move back down to London after we had gotten settled up North The job hunt has proven to be particularly difficult A friend in Sydney tragically passed away and it's been a reminder of how far away I am to comfort my close friends after this loss. I didn't feel good enough or authoritative enough to continue this endeavour "Failure" kicked in and it's been hard to get back up Oh yeah and I'm suffering from hectic depression right now In some respects, this has been an awful year for me. In other respects, I've had a lot of opportunities to pursue and there are people out there who have been hit so much harder by this year and/or life than I have. It's all about perspective. Yes, this is objectively not cool but also, it could be a lot worse so be grateful. I'm hoping to get properly back on this horse and deliver great content worth reading with a different perspective of doing so. Thanks for sticking with me. And if you've just joined the party, welcome to the circus! Stay tuned for more fitness, nutrition and sustainability content. One body, one planet, one love x xoxo Fit For Earth

    • Backyard sustainability: why you need a veggie garden in your life.

      Over the last few decades, there has been a change towards mechanization and homogenization of farming, which uses pesticides, additives, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and mass-production techniques. This is detrimental to not only your health but also the health of the planet. Harsh farming chemicals cause land degradation and chemical runoff which in turns poisons our waterways and oceans. Not to mention diseases that are spreading rapidly amongst humans and animals (the debate is still out on Covid-19. Wet market anyone?). If you're interested in some further reading, cosy up to World Health Organization (WHO) reports that show how the use of chemicals and other products on food, coupled with the manufacturing processes involved, are actually a threat for our health. If you have space for a few pots or even a small piece of land, start growing your own organic vegetable garden. Why? See below! 1. Your veggies will be sans additives. Research by organic food associations has shown that additives in our food can cause heart diseases, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity. 2. Lack of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used means a cleaner crop. These chemical products are applied to obtain crops all the time regardless of plagues or weather conditions and affect the quality of the vegetables. There's also the part where pesticides are super poisonous. TIP: Create your own fertilizer! 3. Your vegetables will not be genetically modified (GM). Antibiotics, drugs and hormones are used on vegetables to yield a bigger crop and larger vegetables. One of the consequences of this is clone-like and tasteless vegetables. Besides, we end up consuming the hormones that have been used on the vegetables, with the potential risks for our health (we do this by consuming animals and animal product but that's another story). 4. Organic farming is eco-friendly. Because you won't be using heavy-duty pesticides or other equally harmful products on your vegetables, you won't damage the soil or the air with the chemical components. Tip: Make your own organic (natural) pesticides! 5. When you grow your own organic vegetables you are contributing to your own self-sustainability and the sustainability of the planet (yay!). Small communities have been founded where members exchange products that they grow naturally, thus contributing to a friendly and better place for us all. Bonus: Consider selling your brand new produce at your local co-op. There's a growing movement (and rightfully so) to support local farming and local, seasonal produce. You'll not only have a nice little side income, but you'll be a part of a community as well as help stop the degradation of the earth. In the end, eating organic products only means that we do not add anything else to them than they would naturally have. As you can guess, additives, fertilizers, pesticides or hormones are not components of naturally grown food. To better care for your health, grow your own organic vegetables -and a few pots and seeds are all you need. Also, there's nothing more satisfying than watching your little seedlings grow. Here's a little inspiration for you :D

    • The Good Life Goals for a Good Life - #3 Stay Well

      Learn about how the small changes you adopt, will make a big difference over time. The Good Life Goals are the civil side of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Created by the UN in 2018, they are 17 goals to help governments, companies and people like you and me make a difference for a better future. Not just for us now, but for generations to come. TRIGGER WARNING: I talk about mental health, depression and suicide in this post. If you are affected by any of these, please proceed with caution. If you or a loved one are affected by suicide, please reach out to the local suicide hotline in your country. GOAL 3: STAY WELL I'm a big advocate for health and well-being (also it's my job). Health is wealth and it's the one thing we never pay attention to until there's something wrong. I stand by the motto "eat well, live well, play well." To me, this means eating whole foods that nurture your body, exercise for your physical and mental well being and engage in a lifestyle that doesn't harm other people or other living things. I think the break-out of Covid-19 was a harsh reminder at how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. The people who were more likely to be severely affected by Covid-19 were people who had pre-existing health conditions, the elderly and the unhealthy. While you can't do anything about your age or a pre-existing condition, you can do something about the life you live and make improvements to keep yourself in good condition. This is what Good Life Goal #3 is all about. Staying well for the benefit of yourself and those around you. It helps our environment as well as stopping the spread of disease. WHAT CAN WE DO? The mini targets that of goal #3 are: 1. Learn about, and share, ways to stay healthy 2. Wash your hands and exercise regularly 3. Stay safe on or near roads 4. Value mental health and well-being 5. Demand medical care and vaccinations for all PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE Your health is one of the most important things you possess, so how can you put Good Life Goal #3 into practice so you stay well?. 1. Educate yourself! We have Google, books, peer-review journals, youtube, blogs...you name it! You can't change what you don't acknowledge. Start with learning how to eat healthier. Introduce more fruit and veggies into your life (read more here). Exercise regularly. People underestimate how much good nutrition and working out 3 times a week will do for your physical and mental health. 2. In a post Covid-19 world everyone is well aware of the benefit of washing hands. It helps prevent the spread of infections and diseases as well as keeps you from getting sick (you wouldn't touch the handrails on the tube and then eat a sandwich without washing your hands would you?). 3. If you go for bike rides or walks, make sure you're staying on populated roads or in populated areas so people can see you. If you're exercising at night, where hi-vis clothing to help drivers see you. Never go off roads that are quiet and not well lit by yourself and make sure someone knows where you're going. It's unfortunate that in 2020 I still have to write this, but women are more likely to be attacked while they're out exercising. It's frustrating that in 2020, I still have to write measures for you to keep yourself safe as if it's on you and it's your responsibility. I hate it. But this is the world we still live in. 4. Mental health is just as important as your physical health. We as a society are getting better at acknowledging the effects of mental health on your life but it's still taboo particularly amongst men who are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women. Are you struggling with your mental health? Here are some avenues for you: Talk to a friend that you trust. While your friends aren't qualified to diagnose you, it's so important to get talking about what's got you down. Your friends are there to support and help you. If your mood has been down for more than 2 weeks, consult your doctor. This could be a sign of depression. If you are having suicidal thoughts, ideation or planning, reach out to your friends, your doctor and your local suicide hotline. As someone who has been down this path, it is one of the most difficult conversations you will have. However, you don't know where you'll be a year from now and that's worthing holding on to. If you're struggling with this, here is a list of suicide hotlines by country. If you have a friend who is struggling, reach out to them. They might not want to open up to you yet, but letting them know that you're there for them without judgement if/when they're ready to talk is a great base to start from. 5. The affordability of medication is subjective. What might be affordable for you may not be affordable for others in your own country and is especially unaffordable in developing nations. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), roughly 9 million children die each year. While this is down from 1990 figures, that's not good enough. 70% of these deaths were due to preventable diseases/infections/conditions. Over a third of child deaths are linked to malnutrition. As I've mentioned in previous Good Life Goals, the choices we make here, in our own back yard affect people on the other side of the world. We do not live in a vacuum. For better or for worse, we are all connected. Learn about how you can donate unused medications in your own country. Research more so you understand how the food and purchases you make, contribute to global poverty (global poverty = lack of access to better food = malnutrition for example). Donate to medical charities (do your research, not all charities are created equal). Find a charity that you're passionate about and volunteer. There are so many that are in need of help. I'm not telling you that you have to change the world by yourself. By no means am I perfect either. In fact, as long as we continue to exist in our current societal framework, we will step on someone or something. What we can do is alleviate suffering where possible. Do no harm where possible. Know where your dollar goes and how it contributes to issues at home and abroad. Take mental health seriously (both your own and that of those around you). Seek help if you need to, there's no shame in asking for it. Stay well means living a healthy and enjoyable life while also making sure that those around you have the opportunity to do the same. Continue to watch this space and change the world x

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      Logo Logo FIT FOR EARTH Stay fit. Sustainably. fitness that doesn't cost the Discover earth Fit For Earth is an idea. It's the idea that anyone can lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. One that's fit for the earth. GET STARTED HOME LEARN SHOP HIRE ME ABOUT FREEBIES CONTACT More Log In | Sign up JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE I agree to the terms & conditions JOIN YOU'RE IN BLOG FROM THE THE LATEST READ POPULAR READ FITNESS Your go-to Fitness Blogger to help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Read More > NUTRITION Delicious recipes to keep you eating clean and nutritional info to stay on track Read More > SUSTAINABILITY Stay accountable to yourself and to the planet with the best tips in Sustainability Read More > TRAVEL Eat well, live well, play well when you're on the road. Coming soon ME MEET Logo Logo Hey! I'm Mia Sarah and the brains behind Fit For Earth. I'm a certified wellness coach and I'm passionate about teaching people how to live a healthy life in an eco-friendly way. Eat well, live well, play well! ​ One body, one planet, one love x FAQ Hire me Got an idea about fitness, nutrition or sustainability but can't put it into words? I'm here to help. Get started Self love Get back on track with a little self-care. Shop now. Shop

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      Logo FIT FOR EARTH HOME LEARN SHOP HIRE ME ABOUT FREEBIES CONTACT More Log In | Sign up JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE TO STAY IN THE LOOP I agree to the terms & conditions JOIN YOU'RE IN #thebestthingsinlifearefree Creating amazing fitness, nutrition and sustainability freebies to nourish your mind, body and soul. Besides, everyone loves free stuff IMMUNITY eBOOK advice / support / recipes I'M UNDERGOING A REVAMP! ​ ​ COME BACK SOON! IMMUNITY SUPPORT PACK GET THE LOT get all four PDFs in one I'M UNDERGOING A REVAMP! ​ ​ COME BACK SOON! IMMUNITY SUPPORT PACK 30 DAY CHALLENGE 30 DAY WORKBOOK PLANT-BASED MACROS DISCLAIMER ​ The information provided from this site of should not be considered as any form of medical advice. The information in the booklet provided is not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment. Always check with your health professional before following any advice that you believe may conflict with other forms of health care. www.fitforearth.com Hire me Got an idea about fitness, nutrition or sustainability but can't put it into words? I'm here to help. Find out how. Get started Shop Planners and self-care to get you back to loving you. Shop

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